The Pyramid Steel & Wood Conference Table, with its deceptively simple folded steel legs, is a fully modular table unit allowing you to create a versatile workspace with conference table configurations of any length.

The angled leg design is dynamic, modern and stylish, which makes it particularly popular for creative working environments.

The metal or oak wood finish creates an excellent contrast to any style of wooden table top.

Pyramid Steel & Wood Conference Tables are available as freestanding modules or starter modules with add on modules.

The tables are offered in widths of 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 , 2200 and 2400mm and depths of 1000, 1250 and 1650mm.

Pyramid Steel & Wood Conference Table tops are available in various wood finishes (see attached pdf for colour options) with legs available in black or white steel or in oak.

Optional cut-outs available to accommodate cable management and power & data modules.

These tables perfectly complement the Pyramid Steel & Wood Bench Desk range.
Pyramid Bench Desk & Tables – OM Manual

JFN-MF1-410, JFN-MF1-610, JFN-MF1-810, JFN-MF2-010, JFN-MF2-210, JFN-MF2-410JFN-MF1-412, JFN-MF1-612, JFN-MF1-812, JFN-MF2-012, JFN-MF2-212, JFN-MF2-412, JFN-MF1-416, JFN-MF1-616, JFN-MF1-816, JFN-MF2-016, JFN-MF2-216, JFN-MF2-416, Starter Module, Pyramid Steel Conference Tables, JFN-MS1-410, JFN-MS1-610, JFN-MS1-810, JFN-MS2-010, JFN-MS2-210JFN-MS1-412, JFN-MS1-612, JFN-MS1-812, JFN-MS2-012, JFN-MS2-212, JFN-MS1-416, JFN-MS1-616, JFN-MS1-816, JFN-MS2-016, JFN-MS2-216, Add On Module, Pyramid Steel Conference Tables, JFN-MA1-410, JFN-MA1-610, JFN-MA1-810, JFN-MA2-010JFN-MA1-412, JFN-MA1-612, JFN-MA1-812, JFN-MA2-012, , JFN-MA1-416, JFN-MA1-616, JFN-MA1-816, JFN-MA2-016, End Module, Pyramid Steel Conference Tables, JFN-ME1-410, JFN-ME1-610, JFN-ME1-810, JFN-ME2-010, JFN-ME2-210JFN-ME1-412, JFN-ME1-612, JFN-ME1-812, JFN-ME2-012, JFN-ME2-212, JFN-ME1-416, JFN-ME1-616, JFN-ME1-816, JFN-ME2-016, JFN-ME2-216