Qudos Desks And Workstations form an executive furniture range, incorporating cantilever desking, pedestals, storage and accessories, all designed with style in mind, to offer complete practicality to all office environments.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – a comparable alternative is Sirius Desks And Workstations

As standard, the desks incorporate stylish, fully cable managed, cantilever legs.

The range is available with a choice of four styles of modesty panel, which can be specified to your preference.

Qudos Desks And Workstations are available in 3 trim finishes: Black, White or Silver

A range of MFC board finishes are available, to blend with all workplace environments. (Board finishes are shown with the images above).

All Qudos Desks And Workstations are manufactured using top quality 18mm and 25mm thick MFC board.

All Qudos desk tops, including tables, pedestals and storage units, incorporate 2mm PVC Heavy Duty edging tape, for durability and good looks.

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