Relic Cloud Collaboration Table offers a unique combination of trend-setting features in one multi-purpose table perfectly suited to today’s agile working requirements by providing a designated meeting and collaboration area away from the desk which isn’t confined behind ‘closed doors’, encouraging group gatherings of an informal and non-confidential nature.

Usage options remain limitless, thanks to its robust metal frame and durable surface options.

The table is “completely customisable for you to create your own Cloud environment”, resulting in a space where “materials, biophilic design and lighting coexist”.

Adding power to your Relic Cloud Collaboration Table is another configurable option,

This table has a clever cable management system which provides power into the table top if required, the covering power flap can be coated to match the coloured frame. Or if you prefer a clean table top and still need power, you can opt for a discreet power system instead (this component provides an ingenious way of concealing power sockets under the table frame so it’s hidden from view).

This visually appealing and attractive table creates a focal point employees will instinctively gravitate towards, enabling an agile working zone to be established – naturally. This is brought about through the option of incorporating plants and casual mood lighting within the table’s overhead metal frame.

The Relic range is complimented by crafted sawn oak tops, these are showcased within the Relic Cloud design.

The Relic Cloud Collaboration Table has been created primarily to nurture creativity and facilitate inspiration giving a sense of well-being – an oasis of calm even in busy, open plan areas.

Other products in the Relic range includes the Relic Table, Relic Credenza, Relic At Work Table, Relic Project Table and Relic Breakout Table.

RSO.235.160, RSO.310.160, RSO.360.160, RSO.235.160.WPV, RSO.310.160.WPV, RSO.360.160.WPV, RSMO.235.160, RSMO.235.160.WPV,