S2 Desk Mounted Screens offer a simple solution that provides privacy for back to back or single sided desking in communal workplaces.

Screens are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit all spaces, with a choice of three models, with either straight or wave top.

S2 Desk Mounted Screens feature a linkable aluminium frame.

S2S0804, S2S1004, S2S1204, S2S1404, S2S1604, S2S1804, S2S2004, S2W0824, S2W1024, S2W1224, S2W1424, S2W1624, S2W1824, S2W2024,SBUA,SB71,SB55,SB56,SBUC,MO2DLK,MO3DLK,MO3DELTADLK,MO4DLK,S2RS635,S2RS835,S2RB635,S2RB835,