S2 Floor Standing Screens are a range that offer a simple screening solution for added privacy in a communal workplace.

Screens are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit all spaces, in a choice of heights and widths.

Stabilising feet not included.

For matching desk top mounted screens try S2 Desk Mounted Screens.

S2FR0812, S2FR1012, S2FR1212, S2FR1412, S2FR1612, S2FR1812, S2FR0814, S2FR1014, S2FR1214, S2FR1414, S2FR1614, S2FR1814, S2FR0816, S2FR1016, S2FR1216, S2FR1416, S2FR1616, S2FR1816, S2FR0818, S2FR1018, S2FR1218, S2FR1418, S2FR1618