S3 Desk Mounted Screens offer a simple solution for added privacy in a communal workplace, with the added functionality of a toolrail.

There are three types of screen inserts available in a range of sizes, and a variety of additional accessories that can be mounted onto the toolrail.

S3S800TR, S3S1000TR, S3S1200TR, S3S1400TR, S3S1600TR, S3S1800TR, S3S2000TR, S3S2400TR, S3SAP0838, S3SAP1038, S3SAP1238, S3SAP1438, S3SAP1638, S3SAP1838, S3SAP2038, S3SAP2438, S3SMP0838, S3SMP1038, S3SMP1238, S3SMP1438, S3SMP1638, S3SMP1838, S3SMP2038, S3SMP2438, S3SWP0838, S3SWP1038, S3SWP1238, S3SWP1438, S3SWP1638, S3SWP1838, S3SWP2038, S3SWP2438