S4 Desk Mounted Screens are available in a range of sizes, and provide a simple means of dividing worksurfaces.

They can be specified in widths of 800mm to 2400mm, with a standard height of 400mm.

A wide range of fabric upholstery options are available, which are complemented by the aluminium screen frames in silver or white.

The screens are available in three types: straight, slatwall and wave

Slatwall screens include steel toolrails along the top edge, on to which various accessories can be mounted.

S4 Screens are secured to the desk edge by means of a c-clamp, or they can be frame mounted to compatible bench desks ranges such as Soho2.

SS0804, SS1004, SS1204, SS1404, SS1604, SS1804, SS2004, SS2404, SX0804, SX1004, SX1204, SX1404, SX1604, SX1804, SX2004, SX2404, SW0804, SW1004, SW1204, SW1404, SW1604, SW1804, SW2004, SW2404