Saddle Task Stools are amongst the most comfortable, versatile and ergonomic stools ever made.

They are available in two versions – the original Saddle and the slightly more compact Pony Saddle – both providing a means of sitting comfortably for countless applications.

The triangular cushion featured on both versions of the stool encourages the user to sit in a ”saddle” posture, which lowers the thighs, opens the hips, and places the spine into a healthy lordotic curve.

The “saddle” posture also reduces pressure points for long-term user comfort, whilst also allowing users to get closer to their work.

Using a Saddle Task Stool is one of the most comfortable and healthy ways to sit, if leaning against a back rest whilst working is not an option.

Saddle Task Stools are qually at home in an office, lab or industrial setting, being ideal for short duration computer work, clinical applications and guest seating.