The Sahara Meeting Pod is designed to create a multiple occupancy workspace that facilitates collaborative work in a quiet environment.

Thanks to its acoustic dampening function, whether you want to create a quiet collaborative working space, free from distractions within an open plan area, or a room in which lively discussion can be contained, the Sahara Meeting Pod can do both.

The flexibility of the Sahara Meeting Pod system means you can choose from a range of larger pods with options for the number of tiers required.

Single tiers can be used to delineate space, while units with additional tiers allow for increased privacy.

To create shared service areas for printers and photocopiers, simply use Sahara to encircle equipment and deaden the sound.

Modern workspaces are essentially about people and are planned around their activities. The Mirage family of screens has been designed to take this into consideration, providing the necessary tools to zone spaces into different types of environments for users, enabling core, collaborative or privacy zones to be designated within open planned areas. Able to transform chaotic open plan spaces into an oasis of calm, where zones designed for privacy, for collaborative work, and for core activities function together seamlessly. Mirage uses high quality materials to create aesthetically pleasing modular pods for employees to work in.

Other products in the Mirage family include: Gobi Study Pod | Atacama Study Pod | Sonoran Work Pod | Colorado Meeting Pod | Karakum Meeting Pod.

MP11-25, MP10-30, MP12-50