Sanitising & Storage Station provides a comprehensive range of sanitising solutions to assist with reducing the risk of infection from Covid 19 and other viruses.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – Please see Mobile Storage And Sanitising Station as a possible alternative product.

The stations are available with a choice of widths and heights to suit your space.

The Sanitising & Storage Station can be specified with a choice of single or two-tone board finishes, supplied with or without bin access.

Units can be placed as a stand alone unit or in single runs or back-to-back runs.

SS1810, SSB1810-L, SSB1810-R, SS188, SSB188-L, SSB188-R, SS185-L, SS185-R, SSB185-L, SSB185-R, SS184-L, SS184-R, SSB184-L, SSB184-R, SS18109-L, SS18109-R, SSB18109-L, SSB18109-R, SS1889-L, SS1889-R, SSB1889-L, SSB1889-R, SS9810, SSB9810-L, SSB9810-R, SS988, SSB988-L, SSB988-R, SS985-L, SS985-R, SSB985-L, SSB985-R, SS984-L, SS984-R, SSB984-L, SSB984-R, 2SS1810, 2SSB1810-L, 2SSB1810-R, 2SS188, 2SSB188-L, 2​SSB188-R, 2SS185-L, 2SS185-R, 2SSB185-L, 2SSB185-R, 2SS184-L, 2SS184-R, 2SSB184-L, 2SSB184-R, 2SS18109-L, 2SS18109-R, 2SSB18109-L, 2SSB18109-R, 2SS1889-L, 2SS1889-R, 2SSB1889-L, 2SSB1889-R