The Session Booth consists of a range of booths that work for open spaces in office, education and leisure environments.

The booths offer a space for collaboration with an aesthetically pleasing design for meetings with friends and work colleagues.

Whether you are making a phone call, having a one 2 one meeting, group meetings, private chats or just sitting in a breakout area, the Session Booth range provides it all, while reducing the noise level.

With plenty of options of roof styles, power and lighting options, the Session Booth is a very configurable, stylish and modern pod.

Session Booth extras include lighting, power and glass fronts.

Metal legs/table frames available in stainless steel, chrome or RAL colours (upon request).

SES01, SES02, SES03, SES04, SES05, SES06, SES07, SES08, SES09, SES10, SES11