Sirius Desks and Workstations form a traditional cantilever or panel end desking system, with the ability to accommodate traditional or flexible working arrangements.

Desks are available in a wide range of configurations including rectangular, bow front, D-end, wave, double wave, L-shape, 90 degree and 120 degree.

Both leg styles feature a robust 25mm desk top as standard,  which is available in various shapes and sizes, at both 800mm and 600mm deep, with cable ports and notched modesty panels, for ease of cable routing.

All desks have metal to metal fixings, and are supplied knocked down, for quick and easy assembly on site.

Sirius Desks and Workstations can incorporate additional cable management facilities, with the use of cable trays and ‘clip on’ cable risers, to provide an effective wire management solution.

An alternative desking range from this manufacturer is Pure Desks And Workstations.

VDU8X, VDU10X, VDU12X, VDU14X, VDU16X, VDU18X, VDU16BX, VDU18BX, VDU16BX, VDU18BX, VDU16DX, VDU18DX, W10X, W12X, W14X, W16X, W18X, DW16X, DW18X, SPW14X, SPW16X, SPW18X, SPW16BX, SPW18BX, SPW20DX, SUN14X, SUN16X, SUN18X, CW8X, SEG38X, SEG4X, RU8X, RUX, PTX, VDU8-6X, VDU10-6X, VDU12-6X, VDU14-6X, VDU16-6X, VDU18-6X, W10-6X, W12-6X, W14-6X, W16-6X, W18-6X, SPW14-6X, SPW16-6X, SPW18-6X, SUN12-6X, SUN14-6X, SUN16-6X, SUN18-6X, SEG3X, SCVDU12X, SCVDU14X, SCVDU16X, SCVDU18X, SCW12X, SCW14X, SCW16X