Sirius Desks and Workstations provide a cantilever or panel end desking system, with the flexibility to accommodate the multifunctional requirements of the modern day office.

Where necessary, Sirius Desks and Workstations can incorporate cable management, with the use of cable trays and ‘clip on’ cable risers, to provide an effective wire management solution.

VDU8X, VDU10X, VDU12X, VDU14X, VDU16X, VDU18X, VDU16BX, VDU18BX, VDU16BX, VDU18BX, VDU16DX, VDU18DX, W10X, W12X, W14X, W16X, W18X, DW16X, DW18X, SPW14X, SPW16X, SPW18X, SPW16BX, SPW18BX, SPW20DX, SUN14X, SUN16X, SUN18X, CW8X, SEG38X, SEG4X, RU8X, RUX, PTX, VDU8-6X, VDU10-6X, VDU12-6X, VDU14-6X, VDU16-6X, VDU18-6X, W10-6X, W12-6X, W14-6X, W16-6X, W18-6X, SPW14-6X, SPW16-6X, SPW18-6X, SUN12-6X, SUN14-6X, SUN16-6X, SUN18-6X, SEG3X, SCVDU12X, SCVDU14X, SCVDU16X, SCVDU18X, SCW12X, SCW14X, SCW16X