Smart Lockers are an advanced locker system that combine a stylish, practical, personal storage solution, with the latest access control technology.

They optimise flexible working arrangements by sharing one locker between multiple staff, with virtually no on-going administration required.

The smart locker control system allocates individual lockers on a dynamic basis, according to staffing levels at that specific moment, with users accessing the allocated locker via an RFID enabled key card, as already used for building access by many companies.

For added security, all events processed via the control system are logged, so they can be historically interrogated if necessary.

Extensive choices of finish, plus options for configuration of storage compartments, ensure the smart lockers can be specified to meet the needs of your workforce.

Aside from the standard finishes, alternatives include solid grade laminate, for use in wet areas, or outdoors, plus composite doors for high traffic areas, with the doors being strengthened with glass fibre, making them impossible to dent.

If further customisation of the smart lockers is required, they can be supplied with bespoke graphics applied, incorporating colours, images or corporate logo’s.