Smart Lockers are an advanced locker system that combine a stylish, practical, personal storage solution, with the latest access control technology.

The high-tech, future-proof system, enables employees to self-select a locker compartment dynamically, or for a locker to be permanently assigned to an individual employee as needed.

Smart Lockers optimise flexible working arrangements by sharing one locker between multiple staff members, with virtually no on-going administration required.

Once allocated, locker access can be gained via one of several secure methods:
RFID Card as used for building access by many organisations
Biometric, (fingerprint reader)
Barcode, (e.g. printed badge for visitor)
Pin code
Wrist band
Smartphone app, (available soon)

Lockers do not have to be provided for the full quota of staff occupying the premises: only for as many staff as are likely to be in the building at any one time, thereby saving costs, and minimising unused resources.