Soho Workstation is an acoustic private office space for one person, ideal for focusing on tasks that require undisturbed concentration.‎‎

The interior lining is made of special eco-friendly acoustic felt that allows for 31 decibel noise reduction, from traffic to quiet library noise levels.‎‎

The Soho Workstation office pod is equipped with LED lighting (including‎‎ motion sensor), two power sockets, US A+C charge ports, and an HDMI connection.‎‎

It also has two ultra-silent ventilation fans which extract 208 m3 / hour – this means the air is refreshed every minute. ‎‎

Soho Workstation is extra deep to accommodate an office chair, an optional monitor wall mount is available if required.‎

You can personalise your Soho Workstation by selecting any exterior colour you like at no extra charge or pick a natural oak veneer for the premium Nordic look.

For a more compact office booth, take a look at the Soho Phone Booth or the Shoreditch Phone Booth.