Soho2 Bench Desks encourage team collaboration, whilst blending seamlessly with todays workplace.

Ideal for those looking for a cost-conscious bench desk system, which still retains a sense of style, Soho2 Bench Desks can be configured in any format from a two person double sided desk, up to any number of positions.

To ensure trouble-free access to services contained within the central cable tray, Soho2 Bench Desking is supplied with sliding desk tops as standard.

The Soho2 range features a telescopic beam system, together with extending cable trays, to minimise the number of component parts required.

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This enables sharing of components across the range, to increase flexibility and minimise costs.

Y2P2PB126, Y2P2PB146, Y2P2PB166, Y2P2PB186, Y2P2PB206, Y2P2PB128, Y2P2PB148, Y2P2PB168, Y2P2PB188, Y2P2PB208