Soho2 Desks And Workstations are designed to encourage greater team collaboration and interaction between staff members.

Offering a wide range of responsive, yet cost conscious furniture solutions, Soho2 Desks And Workstations fulfill all demands.

Blending understated style with extreme functionality, Soho2 Desks And Workstations incorporate sliding desk tops as a standard feature, thereby providing full access to services contained within the full width cable tray.

To increase functionality still further, Soho2 Desks And Workstations can be specified with height adjustable legs, wherever this feature is required.

Designed to make use of shared components, together with innovative telescopic structural beams and extending cable trays, Soho2 Desks And Workstations can create a wide range of desking solutions, using a minimal quantity of component parts.

Available in a choice of 8 colour finishes.

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Y2PDSK088, Y2PDSK108, Y2PDSK128, Y2PDSK148, Y2PDSK168, Y2PDSK188, Y2PFLA12L/R, Y2PFLA14L/R, Y2PFLA16L/R, Y2PFLA18L/R, Y2PCOR16L/R, Y2PCOR18L/R, Y2PLDF16L/R, Y2PRNF106, Y2PRNF126, Y2PRNF146, Y2PRNF166, Y2PBFE161, Y2PBFE181, Y2PBFE201, Y2PDLT116, Y2PDLT118, Y2P3DL116, Y2P3DL118