Solo In-Desk Power Module provides a single mains power socket and single USB smart-charging port, in a discreet, circular module, which is available in black or white.

It fits conveniently in a standard 80mm diameter porthole, (or 60mm diameter porthole without the surround),  so is ideal for using on flat surfaces such as desks or slab-sided soft seating.

Solo In-Desk Power Module is simple to install, as it is secured to the desktop with a screw-on collar and no tools are required.

The module is provided with a 2.5 metre hardwired mains power cable with 13A plug, and all modules are delivered fully tested and certified to BS 5733 and BS 1363/A and are CE marked.

S1-1P1C-BK02, S1-1P1C-WH02,