Solus Booth provides a secluded space, in a number of formats, enhancing focus and productivity, by minimising outside distractions.

It is available as telephone booth, compact workspace, or office booth, making it ideal for lone working, or in the larger formats, for two or four person meetings.

The clean lines of the interior are enhanced by decorative options including timber trim, upholstered panels and writeable surfaces.

Solus Office Booth also provides personal desk space, with the pods available at 1400mm or 1600mm deep.

They are supplied with storage pedestal, power supply for electronic devices, integral lighting, plus air circulation system.

Options include a compact version without interior furnishings, suitable for use as a phone booth, or with integral soft seating, arm rest and a compact work surface, or as two and four seater open or enclosed booths, all with optional power and USB charging facilities, making them suitable for longer periods of use.

Please note that due to their design, once installed, Solus Booth cannot be easily dismantled and relocated.

SOL 001, SOL 002, SOL 001-BR, SOL 001-SP, SOL 002-SP, SOL 003-1400, SOL 003-1600, SOL 004-4, SOL 005-2, SOL 006-4, SOL 004-2,