Tandem Seating comprises of a two seat upholstered bench, plus link stool, to create numerous, informal configurations.

The bench features an undercut design, with sides tapering inwards towards the floor, down to the flat steel feet in a satin silver finish.

The link stool has a faceted design, enabling it to sit flush against the ends of the bench, with the option to combine units to create the seating layout of your choice.

Both units can also be used independently as a stand-alone bench or stool if required.

The two seater bench is 1230mm wide x 430m deep, while the stool is 430mm square, with both units having a seat height of 450mm.

Upholstery choices are extensive, with fabrics, vinyls and leathers from most leading manufacturers.

Two-tone upholstery is also available if required, with the option to use complementary or contrasting colours and textures.

Options on Tandem Seating include black feet in place of the standard satin silver finish, or the ability to specify integrated modules providing power, data and USB charging if needed.

Tandem Seating showing the two seater bench and cube

TND01, TND02