Vega Wood Bench Desk features stylish oak legs, a steel underframe in silver or white, and high capacity cable management tray.

It is available in single sided, or double sided, (back to back), arrangements, depending on requirements.

Standard back to back configurations are available to seat two, four, six or eight users, but optional add-on modules enable the bench desk to be extended almost indefinitely.

Individual desk tops are available at widths of 1200mm to 2000mm, and at a choice of 600mm or 800mm deep.

Desk surfaces are available in a wide choice of finishes, with wood samples available on request.

The substantial, under desk cable tray, sits below the centre of the desk, with cables brought up to the desk surface via scalloped cut-outs in the rear of the tops.

Vega Wood Bench Desk can also accommodate central dividing screens if required, with a number of options available, including upholstered and acrylic screens, in a wide choice of colours.

Other products in the Vega family include Vega Conference Tables, Vega Bench Desk.

VKS-2PB-126, VKS-2PB-146, VKS-2PB-166, VKS-2PB-186, VKS-2PB-206, VKS-2PB-128, VKS-2PB-148, VKS-2PB-168, VKS-2PB-188, VKS-2PB-208, VKS-4PB-126, VKS-4PB-146, VKS-4PB-166, VKS-4PB-186, VKS-4PB-206, VKS-4PB-128, VKS-4PB-148, VKS-4PB-168, VKS-4PB-188, VKS-4PB-208, VKS-6PB-126, VKS-6PB-146, VKS-6PB-166, VKS-6PB-186, VKS-6PB-206, VKS-6PB-128, VKS-6PB-148, VKS-6PB-168, VKS-6PB-188, VKS-6PB-208, VKS-8PB-126, VKS-8PB-146, VKS-8PB-166, VKS-8PB-186, VKS-8PB-206, VKS-8PB-128, VKS-8PB-148, VKS-8PB-168, VKS-8PB-188, VKS-8PB-208, VKS-SUB-106, VKS-SUB-126, VKS-SUB-146, VKS-SUB-166, VKS-SUB-186, VKS-SUB-206, VKS-SUB-108, VKS-SUB-128, VKS-SUB-148, VKS-SUB-168, VKS-SUB-188, VKS-SUB-208, VKS-AOB-106, VKS-AOB-126, VKS-AOB-146, VKS-AOB-166, VKS-AOB-186, VKS-AOB-206, VKS-AOB-108, VKS-AOB-128, VKS-AOB-148, VKS-AOB-168, VKS-AOB-188, VKS-AOB-208, VKS-SUS-108, VKS-SUS-128, VKS-SUS-148, VKS-SUS-168, VKS-SUS-188, VKS-SUS-208, VKS-AOS-108, VKS-AOS-128, VKS-AOS-148, VKS-AOS-168, VKS-AOS-188, VKS-AOS-208, VKS-DSK-088, VKS-DSK-108, VKS-DSK-128, VKS-DSK-148, VKS-DSK-168, VKS-DSK-188, VKS-DSK-208