Viewmate Workstation collection of mobile stands are ideal for video conferencing, telepresence systems, office or classroom presentations and data entry workstations.

Viewmate Workstation – floor 722 conference trolley has platforms for a camera and decoder and is fitted with a dual monitor mount for viewing your own presentation and your audience simultaneously.

Viewmate Workstation – floor 712 includes a TV screen/monitor mount and a media device platform which are independently height adjustable, making sure the audience gets the best possible viewing angle.

Viewmate Workstation – floor 702 is a sturdy trolley that allows you to create a data entry workstation where and when it’s needed. Great for sit-stand working as all parts are independently height adjustable, so all users can work comfortably.

All three trolleys are fitted with castors for easy mobility between areas, which can be locked when the trolley is in use, to ensure stability.