Wishbone Monitor Arm, with it’s innovative post system, was launched to industry acclaim in 1999, but is still relevant today, and offers great flexibility for single and multi-screen configurations.

The Wishbone Arm is available in three different lengths; Wishbone, Wishbone Forearm and Wishbone C-Post.
Where required, this allows the screens to be positioned to wrap-around the user, which is ideal for most multi-monitor applications, such as trading floors and control rooms.

WSH/001/PQR, WSH/002/PQR, WSH/003/PQR, WSH/020/001, UNI/LCLM38, UNI/SMC/001, UNI/TAC/001, UNI/HLC/001, UNI/HLC/002, UNI/CSG100/K, WSH/100S12/K, WSH/50S12/K, WSH/PLT63, UNI/DMB/001, WSH/B2B, UNI/MSB/001, UNI/MSB/002, UNI/SWB/001, UNI/SWB/002, WSH/ADJ, Wishbone Posts, WSH/PST100/EK, WSH/PST200/K, WSH/PST300/K, WSH/PST400/K, WSH/PST500/K, WSH/PST700/K, WSH/XSTD, WSH/001/PQR &, WSH/PST400/K, 2 x WSH/001/PQR,, WSH/B2B &, WSH/PST400/K, WSH/020/001 &, WSH/PST400/K, WSH/020/001,, 3 x WSH/PST400/K,, 2 x WSH/001/PQR &, 2 x UNI/FHA/001, 2 x WSH/020/001,, 3 x WSH/PST700/K,, 4 x WSH/001/PQR,, 4 x UNI/FHA/001 &, 3 x HLR/03/017