Wishbone Plus Monitor Arm can support monitor weights of up to 24kg, meaning it can comfortably hold the majority of larger format screens, iMac’s and all-in-one PC/Monitors.

It has all the benefits and articulation of the original Wishbone arm including quick screen release, portrait-to-landscape screen rotation, and a wide range of post heights and fixing options.

It also includes significant enhancements such as a built-in fine height adjustment feature, to ensure that when using multiple screen configurations, all the monitors are perfectly aligned.

Constructed from die-cast aluminium and glass-reinforced acetyl plastic, Wishbone Plus Monitor Arm is a world leading single and multi-monitor stand suitable for demanding, high-load applications.

WSH/011/CQR, 2 x WSH/011,, UNI/DMB &, WSH/PST400, UNI/LCLM38, UNI/TAC/001, UNI/SMC/001, WSH/PST100/EK, WSH/PST200/K, WSH/PST300/K, WSH/PST400/K, WSH/PST500/K, WSH/PST700/K, WSH/XSTD