Xross Soft Seating is a range of elegantly designed upholstered chairs, sofas and bench seating with matching tables.

The design features simple clean lines for stylish and creative breakout and reception areas.

Stitching detail enhances the clean lines of the Xross Soft Seating range and is further helped by an oval tubular swivel base chair with a highly polished finish.

There are several models to choose from with either a flat sided oval tube swivel base or 4 leg wooden frames.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics, in either single or two tone upholstery.


XR-11, XR-12, XR-14,XR-15, XR-15-TBL,XR-12-LTBL,XR-12-RTBL,XRT-12,XRT-14,XR-1,XR-T4,