Zone Desking provides a secluded space for focussed work or study, without the fully-enclosed atmosphere of a meeting pod, making it ideal for open plan offices or educational environments.

It is available as one, two or three person configurations, with rectangular or triangular integrated work surfaces, in a range of MFC finishes.

Rectangular work surfaces are available at 600mm or 800mm deep, with triangular work surfaces having a maximum depth of 742mm.

All work surfaces have a cable porthole in the rear corner, to enable cables to be passed easily from below the desk surface.

Support screens are finished to 1350mm high, and can be upholstered in a wide choice of fabrics.

Support screens for rectangular desks can be specified with a choice of square or profiled ends. (Square ends only on rectangular desks).

Optional upgrades include power modules or LED reading lights mounted on the desk surface.

Other products in the Zone range include – Zone Meeting Pod and Zone Seating.

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