Zone Desking provides a quiet place to work and study, without the fully-enclosed atmosphere of a meeting pod, perfect for schools, libraries and the workplace.

Available in a range of models, stand alone, two and three person desk modules, in a variety of sizes dependent on user needs.

Zone Desking is offered in two heights, 1100mm or 1350mm.

A range of MFC finishes are available and ends are offered in square or profiled (add -S or -P to code.)

TXSDM-111010, TXSDM-111210, TXSDM-111410, TXSDM-111610, TXSDM-131010, TXSDM-131210, TXSDM-131410, TXSDM-131610, TX2DM-111010, TX2DM-111210, TX2DM-111410, TX2DM-111610, TX2DM-131010, TX2DM-131210, TX2DM-131410, TX2DM-131610, TX3DM-111010, TX3DM-111210, TX3DM-111410, TX3DM-111610, TX3DM-131010, TX3DM-131210, TX3DM-131410, TX3DM-131610, TXSDM-111080, TXSDM-111280, TXSDM-111480, TXSDM-111680, TXSDM-131080, TXSDM-131280, TXSDM-131480, TXSDM-131680, TX2DM-111080, TX2DM-111280, TX2DM-111480, TX2DM-111680, TX2DM-131080, TX2DM-131280, TX2DM-131480, TX2DM-131680, TX3DM-111080, TX3DM-111280, TX3DM-111480, TX3DM-111680, TX3DM-131080, TX3DM-131280, TX3DM-131480, TX3DM-131680, TXZ2X-117422