Reunion Classic Solo Leg Meeting Tables enhance any boardroom environment.

The table tops are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit all environments, with an optional raised glass design.

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Standard meeting table dimensions are as follows:


UBD30B, UBD275B, UBD25B, UBD20B, UBS30B, UBS275B, UBS22B, UBS18B, UBR30B, UBR275B, UBR22B, UBR18B, UBA30B, UBA275B, UBA22B, UBA18B, UBE34B, UBE275B, UBE24B, UBRE20B, UBRE14B, UBC18B, UBC16B, UBC14B, UBC12B, UBC10B, UBT14B, UBT10B, UBQ16B, UBQ12B, UBQ16B, UBQ12B