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HotLocker is a range of flexible hot desk lockers for secure personal storage.

Smaller workspaces, shared workstations and the declininging trend of commuting to work in your own vehicle, result in staff increasingly having a need for their own personal storage space, plus somewhere to keep work-related items when not in use.

Available in a range of module sizes from 2 to 5 compartments high, and with a choice of three widths, the configuration options are extensive.

HotLocker can be specified with a multitude of lock options, from standard lock/key security, to digital combination locks, or swipe card readers, according to the users requirements.

To help you visualise the incredible variety of colour combinations and locker sizes available, click here, or on the image below, to access the HotLocker Customizer Tool.

HotLocker Configurator


HotLocker Module Height             HotLocker Module Width
HotLocker Module Heights             HotLocker Module Widths
              HotLocker Module Depth
HotLocker Module Heights             HotLocker Module Depth
              HotLocker Door Sizes
HotLocker Module Heights             HotLocker Door Sizes
HotLocker Module Heights              


HotLocker - Lock Options
HotLocker Lock Options
HotLocker - Accessories
HotLocker Accessories


HotLocker - Finishes
HotLocker Finishes
HotLocker Finishes



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