Hello Phone Booth is a flexible and space-saving single person stand up acoustic phone booth with high table, that is fitted with castors for easy relocation and offers a comfortable and isolated environment helping to eliminate noise and privacy issues within the open plan office.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – Please see Kolo Phone Booth, Oasis Linear Phone Booth or Penelope Phonebooth as alternatives.

Hello booth offers great two-way sound isolation, the acoustic measurements are approx. 30dB, letting you have your conversations without disturbing your colleagues.

The booth is supplied in Red as standard, but if you prefer your booth to be in company colours, you can order it in all available RAL colour. The options on offer give you freedom to design your work space and your work dynamics.

Hello Phone Booth is supplied with 2 power sockets and USB charger, 3m power lead and you can use the existing wireless signals, mobile phones and tablets in the booth as cellular signals are not blocked.

All booths have a special ventilation kit, (with remote control for programming), which is extremely quiet. It is easily mounted to the inside wall of the booth, (below the table), making it easy to access for maintenance and regular filter exchange. The ventilator works independently from the motion detector, so the booth is continuously ventilated with fresh air.