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Giving you the power to make simple yet effective changes is at your fingertips, Footprint Energy Management enables you to see exactly how much electricity is being used in your business at each workstation – online with your personalised dashboard. Footprint Energy Management records energy usage and presents the information on the dashboard. You can view the information in graphs, make comparisons and create PDF or CSV reports.

The Footprint Energy Management system provides you with the tools to show users their energy consumption on an individual, department, or floor basis. This makes it easier for users to take responsibility and ownership of their own actions.

Audit | Monitor | Manage | Target
If you want to improve it, you first have to monitor it. By seeing exactly how much electricity is being consumed, it is easier to introduce changes to make savings. With informed and evidence-based data being available you can improve your energy use. When taking accurate readings, it is easier for companies to benchmark a starting point and then look to introduce appropriate targets to measure the process being made. With web-enabled real-time monitoring and scheduling tool, data gathered via intelligent power modules, analysis of energy usage provided, encourages an energy-saving culture, indicates the costs of running connected appliances, provides the ability to schedule and control appliances from one location, allows you to easily view what modules are on and off across the organisation, allows you to create detailed reports from daily to yearly views.

The Footprint Energy Management Gateway is the hub of the system, employing the latest low power wireless technology, Zigbee®. Zigbee® has been designed for wireless mesh networking enabling hundreds of devices to transmit information to one another in real-time. Due to its versatile nature, the mesh network also means that if one device stops transmitting, the system will continue to operate.

The Footprint Energy Management Dashboard is the control center of operations, the Dashboard will allow users from all levels to monitor their activities and get involved. The Dashboard will collect energy usage and display it as usable data in the form of expenditure, CO2, and kWh used. Not only a monitoring tool, but the Dashboard also allows you to control the entire system.