Capsule Power Module has a stylish, curved design, in black or white, and provides high speed USB charging for laptops, mobile phones and other portable devices.

It attaches to the rear edge of the desk surface with the supplied clamp, where it provides:
2 no. UK sockets with individual neon switches
Individual resettable 3A circuit breakers
Dual port Type A/C adaptive fast charger

The Capsule Power Module has a maximum PD18W twin port USB-A/C charger, while the Capsule Plus Power Module features a maximum PD65W twin port USB-A/C fast charger.

Both Capsule and Capsule Plus are provided as standard with 2 no. apertures that can be fitted with a range of AV or data keystone couplers, which can be added by the user whenever necessary.

Standard features include twin port adaptive USB chargers, LED power indicators on power sockets, resettable circuit breakers, 2 no. keystone blanks which can be fitted with AV or data couplers, and a desk clamp which attaches to surfaces of 11mm to 30mm thick.

Capsule Power & Data Module – Installation Guide

720010B, 720010W, 720001B, 720001W