HotLocker Agile is a future-proof and tech-enabled locker system, designed to provide flexible and secure personal storage facilities, which will enhance all agile working environments.

The system provides dynamically allocated personal storage spaces which are suited to an agile workforce.

Incorporating an advanced electronic locking system, Hotlocker Agile facilitates saving of space and costs, by sharing a single locker amongst many different members of staff.

Locker compartments are allocated on an individual basis, so staff can assign themselves a locker for a day’s work using their phone and a central self-service terminal.

An advanced control system enables dynamic locker allocation according to requirements at that particular point in time, with users gaining access to the allocated locker via existing RFID-enabled key cards.

If your company has multiple office locations, you can even provide lockers for your staff across different sites with the integrated system.

HotLocker Agile is available in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, as the lockers are highly customisable to complement any interior space.