Move Height Adjustable Desks combine the need for efficient use of space in the workplace, with the requirement to provide a healthy, flexible and more productive environment.

By providing your workforce with the ability to alter their working dynamics, Move Height Adjustable Desks enable staff to enjoy the health and posture benefits of setting their own workstation at a height that is comfortable, without disrupting the work-flow of adjoining desks or staff members. All are available with a choice of three frame types:

Move Electric:
Adjusted via push-button control panel, with a height adjustment range of 680mm to 1180mmAn optional upgrade to Premium Height Controller is also available, with 4 pre-settable heights, plus digital display of desk height.

>> Download premium controller instructions for Move Height Adjustable Desks

UEN-2PB-148, UEN-2PB-168, UEN-2PB-188, UEP-2PB-148, UEP-2PB-168, UEP-2PB-188, UES-2PB-148, UES-2PB-168, UES-2PB-188, UEX-PRE-CON, UEN-DSK-148, UEN-DSK-168, UEN-DSK-188, UEP-DSK-148, UEP-DSK-168, UEP-DSK-188, UES-DSK-148, UES-DSK-168, UES-DSK-188, UEX-PRE-CON, UCN-2PB-148, UCN-2PB-168, UCN-2PB-188, UCP-2PB-148, UCP-2PB-168, UCP-2PB-188, UCS-2PB-148, UCS-2PB-168, UCS-2PB-188, UCN-DSK-148, UCN-DSK-168, UCN-DSK-188, UCP-DSK-148, UCP-DSK-168, U UCS-DSK-148, UCS-DSK-168, UCS-DSK-188, CP-DSK-188, UMN-2PB-148, UMN-2PB-168, UMN-2PB-188, UMP-2PB-148, UMP-2PB-168, UMP-2PB-188, UMS-2PB-148, UMS-2PB-168, UMS-2PB-188, UMN-DSK-148, UMN-DSK-168, UMN-DSK-188, UMP-DSK-148, UMP-DSK-168, UMP-DSK-188, UMS-DSK-148, UMS-DSK-168, UMS-DSK-188