Pascal Power Module is an innovative and stylish re-invention of the classic meeting table pull-up/pop-up power module.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – Please see Powerstation Module or Pisa Power Module as alternatives.

Using a compact internal spring mechanism, these modules uniquely offer pop up capability in a unit small enough to tool-less install in a standard 80mm desk grommet aperture.

In its closed position, the Pascal Power Module provides fast and convenient 5V USB charging through two shutter protected USB charging ports. With a simple twist of the top cap, Pascal will pop up through the work surface and reveal additional AC power and data/AV sockets.

Pascal Power Module is available in a range of colours and finishes, including premium options of a natural anodized aluminium socket frame/rear cover and LED blue decorative ring.

These modules are available with a top mounted USB charger with vertical AC power sockets and data/AV sockets. These modules can also be made with a blank lid and a TUF-R in the front face instead.

Pascal Power Module – Installation Instructions

2470971 3.15A / 2471046 5A, 2470988 3.15A / 2471053 5A, 2470995 3.15A / 2471060 5A, 2471015 3.15A / 2471084 5A, 2471022 3.15A / 2471091 5A, Pascal Black, 2471114 3.15A / 2471183 5A, 2471121 3.15A / 2471183 5A, 2471138 3.15A / 2471206 5A, 2471152 3.15A / 2471220 5A, 2471169 3.15A / 2471237 5A