The Riverside & River Stone Seating/Table range consists of a soft touch lounge chair, stool and table in low density polyurethane, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The Riverside chair has a self supporting frame in integral polyurethane foam which makes it light, movable and comfortable. Its sculptural shape and organic curved lines resemble the pattern of waves in the sand at the river’s edge sculpted by wind and water making it an eye catching piece in any lounge or breakout area.

Riverside is designed to be weatherproof and is equipped with a built-in water drainage system making it perfect for outdoor use.

The River Stone stool would look good by itself or as a clustered group. It is easily suited to any breakout area, it’s durability makes it suitable for high traffic areas in offices, educational or recreational spaces.

Riverside 903.21, River Stone 903.00, River Stone 903.05, River Stone Table, River Stone 903.60