Characterised by a striking crafted angular leg design, mirrored also in the cutline top, the Scandi Coffee Table range is a truly style-led table.

Tying in with the Scandi Soft Seating to offer a balance of warmth and functionality to any co-working space.

The table frames are crafted from solid oak, available in natural or black oak.

Scandi Coffee Table’s are available with round, square or rectangular tops in various sizes with the option of MFC or Cutline tops.

Another product in the Scandi family is Scandi Breakout Chair.

SCL(K/BK)8M*, SCL(K/BK)9M*, SCL(K/BK)8CL*, SCL(K/BK)9CL*, SCL(K/BK)66M*, SCL(K/BK)88M*, SCL(K/BK)66CL*, SCL(K/BK)88CL*, SCL(K/BK)106M*, SCL(K/BK)128M*, SCL(K/BK)106CL*, SCL(K/BK)128CL*