Thynk Soft Seating is a range of armchairs, sofa’s and booths, which can provide space for personal privacy and reflection, or, alternatively, collaboration and social interaction, in a busy work environment.

Think Soft Seating has now be rebranded Tryst Soft Seating and Tryst Booths.

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Tryst Soft Seating

Tryst Booths

The range is available in one, two and three seater versions, with a choice of low or high back.

An enclosed booth is also available, with an integrated meeting table, plus seating for two, four or six people.

A two seater console completes the range, with two seats, separated by a central, integrated work surface.

Thynk Soft Seating creates a compact, semi-private meeting space, with the high back versions providing visual and acoustic separation from the surrounding area.

Thynk STK1, Thynk STK3, Thynk STK5, Thynk STK2, Thynk STK4, Thynk STK6, Thynk STK7, Thynk STK8, Thynk STK9, Thynk STK10, Thynk STK11