Phone Booths

Phone Booths provide a degree of privacy and acoustic isolation when making or receiving calls in the office.

They provide a personal space where you can make and receive phone calls, whilst minimising the chances of colleagues overhearing details of your conversation, without the need to completely leave the workplace.

Most ranges offer an upholstered interior to absorb sound, with many ranges featuring motion activated lighting and ventilation, for greater user comfort during longer conversations.

Despite fully enclosing the user, phone booths retain excellent visibility to the outer office, thanks to the large glass door.

Exterior surfaces of the phone booth are either upholstered in fabric, which can match or contrast with the internal upholstery, or they have a choice of laminated finishes to blend with most workplace environments.

We supply a comprehensive range of products from manufacturers in the UK and overseas.

Most are available to experience first-hand at showrooms in London and around the UK, so contact us now for further details, or to arrange to visit.

Phone Booths

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