The Hotbox 2 offers personal storage space, which is both flexible and portable, being designed to ensure you can easily move your work around the office or home and still keep your essentials at hand.

Everyone appreciates functional design with style that relates to the way they work, the way they look and the tools they use. .

The HB-two gives you the satisfaction of working with an aid that delivers function and style yet embraces the need to transport files, tablets, pads, smart-phones and personal belongings.

Easier to carry with an optional shoulder strap, allows for individuality with choice of closing cover colours, streamline style and even a soft carry handle for comfort.

Select the interior storage configuration to meet your requirements.

The HotBox HB-Two is available in Camira Blazer, Nexus or Sonus fabric (see fabric options pdf link above).

Other products in the Hotbox family include Hotbox Origin Storage Box, HotBox Storage Box | HB-One | HB1 and the Hotbox 3.

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