Pixel TUF is perfect for hot desks, drop-in areas, airports & hotels, fitting almost flush at any angle into a standard 80mm grommet cut out without the need for tools; it takes up very little desk space making it almost unnoticeable.

The Pixel TUF Power and Data Module uniquely combines an AC power socket and fully integrated 5A Twin USB Fast charger (TUF) in a compact 80mm grommet unit, which enables the time-short mobile worker to charge a laptop at the same time as charging a mobile phone and tablet.

Pixel TUF’s unique patent applied for design complies with BS5733 and the sweeping organic curves ensure protection against liquid ingress as required by BS6396.

It accepts more than 8 different plug socket nationalities including UK, Schuko, French, Australian, Chinese and Belgian.

Other modules in the Pixel family include Pixel Power Module and the Pixel8 Power Module

2434232, 2423908, 2650106, 2423090, 2434430, 2651707, 2423267, 2434966,