Pyramid Steel & Wood Bench Desk is a modular desking system, available with steel or wood leg options, and also in desk height (730h) and poseur height (1100h) versions.

The Pyramid Wood Bench Desk is supplied with a clear lacquered solid oak legs as standard.

As Pyramid Steel & Wood is a modular system it is possible to swap legs. A steel desk can be converted to a wood desk simply by replacing the legs (requires the ‘Wood Leg Top’ steel component to allow the wood leg to connect to the steel underframe).

It is also possible to change a 730h desk to an 1100h desk, simply by replacing the legs. Underframe components remain the same, and fixing positions in tops are standardised.

When ordering it is necessary to specify the steel finish – both legs and underframe.

If Pyramid Steel Bench Desk is ordered, the legs and underframe will match. If Pyramid Wood is ordered there is still a steel underframe that requires the finish to be specified.

Sliding tops and height adjustable tops are not currently available for this product.

With the telescopic beams, and by use of single piece tops it is possible to create an extensive range of desking solutions.

The configurations are almost limitless to suit a multitude of needs and workspaces.

For matching conference table options take a look at the Pyramid Steel & Wood Conference Tables.

Pyramid Bench Desk & Tables – OM Manual

JFP-2PB-126, JFP-2PB-146, JFP-2PB-166, JFP-2PB-186, JFP-2PB-206, JFP-2PB-128, JFP-2PB-148, JFP-2PB-168, JFP-2PB-188, JFP-2PB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – 4 person back to back, JFP-4PB-126, JFP-4PB-146, JFP-4PB-166, JFP-4PB-186, JFP-4PB-206, JFP-4PB-128, JFP-4PB-148, JFP-4PB-168, JFP-4PB-188, JFP-4PB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – 6 person back to back, JFP-6PB-126, JFP-6PB-146, JFP-6PB-166, JFP-6PB-186, JFP-6PB-206, JFP-6PB-128, JFP-6PB-148, JFP-6PB-168, JFP-6PB-188, JFP-6PB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – 8 person back to back, JFP-8PB-126, JFP-8PB-146, JFP-8PB-166, JFP-8PB-186, JFP-8PB-206, JFP-8PB-128, JFP-8PB-148, JFP-8PB-168, JFP-8PB-188, JFP-8PB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – B2B Starter Module, JFP-SUB-126, JFP-SUB-146, JFP-SUB-166, JFP-SUB-186, JFP-SUB-206, JFP-SUB-128, JFP-SUB-148, JFP-SUB-168, JFP-SUB-188, JFP-SUB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – B2B Add on Module, JFP-AOB-126, JFP-AOB-146, JFP-AOB-166, JFP-AOB-186, JFP-AOB-206, JFP-AOB-128, JFP-AOB-148, JFP-A0B-168, JFP-AOB-188, JFP-AOB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – B2B End Module, JFP-EUB-126, JFP-EUB-146, JFP-EUB-166, JFP-EUB-186, JFP-EUB-206, JFP-EUB-128, JFP-EUB-148, JFP-EUB-168, JFP-EUB-188, JFP-EUB-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – Single Starter Module, JFP-SUS-128, JFP-SUS-148, JFP-SUS-168, JFP-SUS-188, JFP-SUS-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – Single Add on Module, JFP-AOS-128, JFP-AOS-148, JFP-AOS-168, JFP-AOS-188, JFP-AOS-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – Single End Module, JFP-EUS-128, JFP-EUS-148, JFP-EUS-168, JFP-EUS-188, JFP-EUS-208, Pyramid Steel Bench Desk – Rectangular Desk, JFP-DSK-128, JFP-DSK-148, JFP-DSK-168, JFP-DSK-188, JFP-DSK-208