The Linear Power & Data Module has an angular appearance and shares many of the same design features as the Harmony and Contour modules but with a more discreet appearance.

These features include a lateral fuse carrier, internal segregation between power and data and a double end cap system that has been designed to hide the fixing screws.

Linear Power & Data Module is easily configured to meet your demands regardless of the mix of power, data, media or charging sockets.

It supports international sockets and is available in 3 colours, Black, Grey or White and offers you the option of USB charging with a twin port USB Type-A 5A charger or a twin port Type A+C USB charger.

Linear Power & Data Module is fully compliant to current safety regulations, all power sockets are shuttered for added safety and manufactured from flame retardant ABS plastic.

The modules can be fixed to the desktop with either a clamp or an adhesive fixing kit.

82AC0001, 82AC0002, 82AC0003, 82AC0004, 82AC0005, 82AC0006, 82050001, 82050002, 82050003, 82050004, 82050005, 82050006, 82000001, 82000002, 82000003, 82000004, 82000005, 82000006