The Relic Bench Table range consists not only of stylish bench tables but also stools and bench seats, available in a wide range of finishes.

Tables are offered in a choice or standard or poseur height, with or without power.

Bench seats or circular stools to match the tables are also available (both in standard or poseur heights).

Relic Bench Table can be specified with either a Cutline Top or Sawn Top and come in various lengths starting from 1400mm to 6300mm.

An extra wide version (1600mm wide) is also available for spaces where more surface area is required.

Other products in the Relic range includes the Relic Cloud Collaboration Table , Relic Breakout Table and Relic Credenza.

CL1408T1, CL1608T1, CL1880T1, CL1809T1 / SW1809T1, CL2112T1 / SW211T1, CL2412T1, CL3012T1, CL3609T2 / SW3609T2, CL3612T2 / SW3612T2, CL4212T2 / SW4212T2, CL5212T2, SW5412T3, CL5212T3, SW6312T3, CL1608T1P1, CL1880T1P1, CL1809T1P1 / SW1809T1P1, CL2112T1P1 / SW2112T1P1, CL2412T1P1, CL3012T1P2, CL3609T2P1 / SW3609T2P2, CL3612T2P2 / SW3612T2P2, CL4212T2P2 / SW4212T2P2, CL5212T2P2, SW5412T3P3, CL5212T3P3, SW6312T3P3, CL1408PT1, CL1608PT1, CL1880PT1, CL1809PT1 / SW1809PT1, CL2112PT1 / SW2112PT1, CL2412PT1, CL3012PT1, CL3609PT2 / SW3609PT2, CL3612PT2 / SW3612PT2, CL4212PT2 / SW4212PT2, CL5212PT2, SW5412PT3, CL5212PT3, SW6312PT3, , , CL1608PT1P1, CL1880PT1P1, CL1809PT1P1 / SW1809PT1P1, CL2112PT1P1 / SW2112PT1P1, CL2412PT1P1, CL3012PT1P2, CL3609PT2P2 / SW3609PT2P2, CL3612PT2P2 / SW3612PT2P2, CL4212PT2P2 / SW4212PT2P2, CL5212PT2P2, SW5412PT2P3, CL5212PT3P3, SW6312PT3P3, SW3616TW1, SW3616TW1P, RBS (small), RBM (med), RSL (low), RSH (high)