As the modern workplace encourages team members to spend greater amounts of time collaborating, the environment needs to evolve in support of this change.
>>Soho3 Desk – Assembly Instructions

Y3PDSK088, Y3PDSK108, Y3PDSK128, Y3PDSK148, Y3PDSK168, Y3PDSK188, Y3PFLA12L/R, Y3PFLA14L/R, Y3PFLA16L/R, Y3PFLA18L/R, Y3PCOR16L/R, Y3PCOR18L/R, Y3PLDF16L/R, Y3PRNF106, Y3PRNF126, Y3PRNF146, Y3PRNF166, Y3PBFE161, Y3PBFE181, Y3PBFE201, Y3PDLT116, Y3PDLT118, Y2P3DL116, Y2P3DL118