Tessellate Panels collection with seven shapes and two depth options, allows you to create your own acoustic configuration to complement a variety of commercial environments.

The panels can be upholstered in an extensive choice of fabrics.

Tessellate Panels have been tested to Class A absorption, meaning they are highly efficient at absorbing sound across a wide range of frequencies, achieving 100% absorption.

The panels can be installed flush against a wall and are simple to configure and install.

DIA-450780,TRA1-525600, TRA2-525600,REC-65-3001200, REC-65-3001800, REC-65-6001200, REC-65-6001800,SQ-65-600600, REC-100-3001800, REC-100-6001200, REC-100-6001800,SQ-100-600600,