The Vision Monitor Arm features a classic but practical design; offering the ergonomic benefits of a flat screen monitor arm at a more affordable price than gas lift rivals.

Vision can be installed at different heights to suit different environments, while rotation and height can be adjusted by individual users.

The 38mm diameter pole allows a generous 330mm of height adjustment, while the design also allows for full 360 degrees of swivel movement, with full head tilt to be positioned at the optimum eye level.

There are also a selection of Vision Monitor Arm accessories available.


68S002, 68S020, 68S028, 68S005, 68S031, 68S018, 68S078, 68S099, 68S100, 68S093, 68S094, 68S095, 68S096, 68S097, 68S098, 50N001, 50N002, 50N003, 50N004, 58R018, 58R016, 58R017