Wedge Power And Data Modules provide a compact, yet stylish solution for the increasing power and communication needs of the modern workplace.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCTPlease see alternative Power Modules on our website.

Featuring integral fuses, segregated power/data together with options to clamp to a desk edge, or mount on a slatwall, Wedge Power And Data Modules meet the needs of users, whilst minimising the impact on available workspace.

Depending on requirements, the Wedge Power And Data Modules can be specified as either vertical or horizontal mounted units, thereby offering even greater flexibility.

81PS01, 81P416, 81P422, 81PS02, 81P424, 81P456, 81U395, 81U594, 81U531, 81U463, 81U762, 81U763, 81CP01, 81CP02, 81CP03, 81CP13, 81CP14, 81CP15, 81CP04, 81CP05, 81CP06, 81CP28, 81CP29, 81CP30, 81CP31, 81CP32, 81CP33