BuzziCactus Room Divider is a charming and playful cactus-shaped, free-standing divider which combines sound absorption, unique design and a surface you can stick pins into.

The soft edges and round shape diffuse sounds, while the structural honeycomb cardboard core, covered with acoustic foam, absorbs sounds from both front and back, making it the ideal room divider to create a well-balanced space, with a touch of fun.

The addition of pins not only add an amusing touch, making the cactus more realistic, but also enable you to use it as a pinboard!

BuzziCactus Acoustic Room Divider with pins in surface enabling use as a pinboard

BuzziCactus Room Divider is available in a wide variety of Fabrics and colours, with baseplates in black (RAL 9005) or aluminium colour (RAL 9006).

BuzziCactus Assembly Instructions