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Architectural Screen Systems

Architectural Screen Systems

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Architectural Screen Systems can be configured to create cellular offices and provide private spaces within open plan areas.

They are an ideal way to maximise efficient use of space and improve privacy, bringing a contemporary look to any office landscape.

Surprisingly quick and simple to install, Quadro Architectural Screen Systems, allow for easy reconfiguration or relocation, whenever necessary.

Quadro is the only system on the market, to feature a completely independent, freestanding column and beam structure.

Thanks to this unique design, a freestanding pod does not require fixing to walls, floors or ceilings.

Despite this, Quadro Architectural Screen Systems can achieve spans of up to 3.6m between columns.

Quadro Architectural Screen System Features Include:
A versatile, freestanding, easy-to-assemble modular pod system
An independent primary structure, to which glazed or solid panels are attached
The ability to use a building’s existing walls
Contemporary design to suit any environment
Options to improve acoustic privacy and concentration
Straight and curved, glazed or solid panel options are available
Sliding or hinged doors lock into the beam
Ceilings can be fitted retrospectively
Panels can easily be swapped around without dismantling the whole structure
Doors can be relocated
New specification panels can be retrospectively fitted

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